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Terra Handmade 
Przemysław Bielawski

There are situations when we want to honor someone in some way for his services or work. But how to do it?


Very often, when we want to give someone something special, we choose the classic form, i.e. alcohol, explaining that the right noble drink is good for any occasion. But what if we do not know the preferences of the recipient or he simply do not like this type of drinks? In this case, you can try something more extraordinary and which will surely stay in memory for a longer time and make a greater impression - individually bound book. Theoretically, there is a problem of choosing the right literature, because the is wide range of genres, but there are a few classic titles that, regardless of preferences, will appeal to everyone, even in terms of the gesture itself and the possibility of decorating a living room with a unique item.


And so it happened in this case. A series of books for business partners:


Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Godfather, Pan Tadeusz, Pride and Prejudice.

Individual designs in elegant packaging will be perfect as a gift for any occasion.




Business gift idea

21 October 2019
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