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Terra Handmade 
Przemysław Bielawski


Tłumaczenie tekstów wewnętrznej
strony okładki:

"Spe Salvi Facti sumus" - W nadziei bowiem
już jesteśmy zbawieni.

"Nulla sine Deo mens bona
est" - Bez Boga
żadna myśl nie jest dobra.

"Verba volant, scripta
manent" - Słowa ulatują,
pismo pozostaje

"Non est potestas nisi
a Deo" - Wszelka władza
pochodzi od Boga

Główny kolor: biały

24 February 2021
Unfortunately, the present times make life difficult for all of us. However the pandemic itself did not have such a big impact on such a long break in updating my
23 December 2019
I think my works have a bit of magic, especially fantasy books. But what to do to add even more peculiar atmosphere? Unfortunately, no mana mixture will help in this
21 October 2019
There are situations when we want to honor someone in some way for his services or work. But how to do it? Very often, when we want to give someone
16 October 2019
How to make the book more tangible than in ordinary photos? Take a rotating photo ;) Nothing difficult, just a few dozen photos that differ by a small degree and
15 October 2019
Sometimes, when a book lies too long and waits for a new owner, it starts to temp to change something. This is what happened in the case of two books:

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