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Terra Handmade 
Przemysław Bielawski



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Przemysław  Bielawski

Terra Handmade


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Terra Handmade 

Przemysław Bielawski

tel.:   794-498-276



Artistic bookbinding 


The Terra Handmade bindery specializes in individual and exclusive bindings made by hand. We do not use, as in the case of conventional bookbinding bindings, ready-made dies, stamps, rolls or punches that would facilitate and reduce the time spent working on the book. Each single line and pattern on the leather was carved by hand with simple, precise chisels, which additionally proves a lot of work put by the artist in making the binding. This gives the effect of uniqueness and guarantees that the totality is pure handicraft. It is impossible to make two identical bindings.


Undoubtedly, such binded book is a treat for a true connoisseur of books and handicrafts who appreciate the content and appearance to the delight of the eyes. An artistically bound book will be a great idea for a gift for all occasions:


  • wedding

  • birthday

  • anniversary

  • First Communion

  • Christmas

  • retirement

  • promotion

  • thanks for cooperation etc.


To create a unique book we sacrifice dozens of hours and connect many processes: pressing in leather, painting a bookblock, dying the leather, assembly of metal or wooden accessories.

The leather used for the binding is plant tanned yuft leather *, which is considered the noblest type of leather with exceptional aesthetic values ​​and durability.


Each leather product is unique, as leather, being an animal-based material, is not uniform. All traces of scratches, scars and fading prove its authenticity. Therefore, they aren’t a material defect, but confirmation of natural origin.


*Yuft leather is one of the most expensive and noble leathers. Unpainted has a natural sand color. It is compared to raw wood - it acquires a slightly warmer color over time, then becomes honey-colored, and finally turns into a caramel color. It ages slowly and often serves several generations because it is very durable.

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