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The Lord of the Rings VII

J. R. R. Tolkien

Terra Handmade 

Przemyslaw Bielawski









Copyright 2022

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  • Natural leather.

  • Leather color: dark brown.

  • Multi-planar cover with raised elements at the top and bottom edges of the cover, featuring clearly embossed ornaments.

  • Embossed inscriptions of the Ring, the Tree of Gondor, and Tolkien's logo filled with a luminous substance, creating a unique glowing effect in the dark.

  • Hand-cut brass corners.

  • Brass studs for fastening straps and brass corners.

  • Two symmetrical straps for book closure.

  • Two straps running along the spine between the bindings.

  • On the book block edges, an airbrush-painted motif of the Fellowship of the Ring as a golden background with black figures.